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25 December 2010 @ 12:46 am

hope you all have a great and blessed Christmas with family and friends!!! have fun and be safe!!! and again,


Julie and Mel
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01 September 2010 @ 07:36 pm
hey, hey sweeties!! ♥♥

so yea, just changed the layout that came from the awesome fruitstyle...hope you guys like it!! and yes, the banner features Se7en (jul7en always makes the banners and wanted him in there...tho i'm not complaining...hehe xD)...*sigh* so glad he's back tho...anywho, hope you all enjoy the new layout and thanks as always for putting up with us!! LOL...but nah for real, thank you guys for taking the time to visit here and look forward to more posts!! =D (hopefully!! if school doesn't kill us first... >_<)

if the ugly ads are in the way, then refer HERE if you wanna hide them... =)

and if you're confused, click on the "give us some sugar" to commment/reply...LOL xD

also a few updates if y'all wanted to know:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic AND Image and video hosting by TinyPic

did a clean up of members yesterday...just deleted the ones that don't exist anymore...hehe =P...so yea, still over 5,000 members and over 800,000 visits...thank you sweeties!! ♥♥

also might do a clean up of the tags tomorrow or over the weekend...they seem so unorganized... =|

anyways, stay sweet y'all!! xD

if you wanna join in on the fun, create a LiveJournal account and then JOIN the community!! have fun!! =D

ALSO, remember to SUPPORT the artists by buying their products if you can!! ^__^
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07 July 2010 @ 10:25 pm
 please wish maintainer Julie (jul7en ) a very Happy Birthday!!! she's 18 now and thinks she's grown...LOL =P...but really man, 18 already?!?! >__<...i'm getting soo old...haha...and yea, she hasn't posted anything here in awhile but she's still around... =P...she's gonna start college soon too...anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!! xD


LOL...that's like a super old graphic thing that i made her like 2-3 birthdays ago... =P...she loves Se7en (her birthday is July 7...hehe) and her fave color is purple...but yea, i dunno if she's seen it cause i made this late at the time...hehe...so anyways, here you go JULIE!! don't act too grown now!! =P
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31 December 2009 @ 04:01 pm
 i know it's already New Year around most of the world and there's probably parties going on...hehe...but yea, it's still New Years Eve here in the states...well anyways...

hope to spend another year with you Sweeties!! xD...have a fun and safe New Year!! ^__^

(*and we will get back to uploading soon...hehe...we've been having too much fun with the Christmas presents...LOL =P*)
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awesomeness!! xD...again, thank you guys for visiting here and for all the comments and support...hope you all would continue coming here even tho we're slow uploaders...LOL =P...thanks again lovelies!!

♥ SweetxMelodies ♥

if you wanna join in on the fun, create a LiveJournal account and then join the community!! have fun!! =D

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20 August 2009 @ 03:20 am
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somehow we missed 400,00 visitors?? we were probably on vacation or it was when we were slow on updating...anyways, w00t w00t!!! xDD...thanks once again to all the people who visit/comment even tho it has been slow here!! we'll keep trying our best!! hope that our schedules won't be too busy this year...and those who also started school: 

FIGHTING!! v ^__^ v

let's all try our best and PASS all our classes!! hehe =P

♥ SweetxMelodies ♥

if you wanna join in on the fun, create a LiveJournal account and then join the community!! have fun!! =D

ALSO, remember to SUPPORT the artists by buying their products if you can!! ^__^
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29 June 2009 @ 04:51 am
hello friends!! xDD...yup, me and Julie are back home...well, we've been back ever since last Sunday (the 21st)...hehe...but yea, this past week for us has been a bit wonky...had to adjust to the time again (we still are..haha =P), had to unpack our luggage, do TONS of laundry (well, i still have to do mine ~_~), clean the house, and i had to work all this week as well...so yea, it's just been like "ughh >_<"...don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you guys!! we'll start posting stuff again soon...but gosh man, we've missed tons of stuff...good stuff...hehe...anyways, we'll do what we can so please be patient if you don't find what you're looking for...

also, thanks for all the responses in the last post...we definately had an awesome time there!! i wish we could've stayed longer and done more stuff...but yea, we'll definately be going back!! hehe...we went to too many places and i forgot the names...hehe...have to look back through pics or something...but yea, our relatives live in Ingleburn which is like 40 minutes away from Sdyney... =D

and thanks for telling us which servers you all like...most of you seem to like MediaFire, MegaUpload, and ShareBee...since it'll take awhile if we upload to all of our usual servers, from now on we'll just use those three...but of none of those work for you for some reason, then don't we afraid to give a shout out telling us which server to upload to and we'll try to get it up in a jiffy... =D

one more thing...i'm gonna be leaving for LA on Wed. and be there for a week...gonna go with our oldest sister cause she wants to see one of her fave Japanese groups, Morning Musume...they're gonna have some special events at an anime convention there so yea...hope it's not as hot as it is here in Georgia... o_O...but yea, Julie will still be here so HOPEFULLY she'll post some stuff...

again, thanks for the comments, love, visits, support and such...keep us motivated!! hehe =D

♥ SweetxMelodies ♥
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01 June 2009 @ 03:35 am
yup, you guys read right...sweetxmelodies is gonna be on hiatus for awhile...because our family is going to Australia!! we're literally gonna leave for the airport in a few hours...so yea, we're gonna go visit our mom's side of the family over there...see our grandparents and stuff...i'm excited cause it's gonna be like a mini family reunion!! hehe...but then i'm freaking out over the planes... o_O...it's ok tho...anyways, i was gonna make this post seem like another 'April Fool's' type joke but i'm not feeling very creative at the moment...i should really be sleeping right now...LOL...but yea, we're leaving today and gonna stay there till the 20th..bascially the whole month...so no updates here till then...and another thing: WE ARE SO SORRY FOR SLACKING ON UPLOADS THIS PAST MONTH!! >_<...May has been such a busy month for us...we tried to squeeze in a few more uploads before we have to leave but we kinda downgraded our internet so uploading stuff takes a bit more time...oh another thing...we would like to know you guys' preferred uploading hosts...like MediaFire, MegaUpload, ShareBee and stuff...we'd like to have a generally idea of which sites you guys download more from so that we can just upload to those sites...so yea, leave a comment/opinion/etc...well, here are some awesome sites to keep you all updated till we get back...be sure to thank whoever you download from!! =D

- shimbi
- charisma2
- aerialwires
- soundresque
- yongwonhi
- popsicalove
- bestfiction
- jbums
- kimchistyle
- ledoquyen
- meteorstorm1642
- jpopsuki
- z-degrees
- bww2

you can also look in our Affiliates page to find more great sites...so yea, just letting you all know so it won't seem like we just up and left...hehe...we're gonna miss you guys and thanks always for supporting!! keep those comments coming!! hehe xD

♥ SweetxMelodies ♥
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01 April 2009 @ 03:33 am
alright, alright...seems like you guys had enough TORTURE for one day...LOL =P...sorry again for the cruel joke but you gotta admit it was pretty good...hehe...glad you guys don't hate us and that you can take a joke...(you don't hate us right?? *puppy dog eyes*)...hehe...and for those who weren't fooled, we'll get you next time!! muahahaha xD...ok, back to the uploads... ^__^

btw, this is the most we've seen people comment!! maybe we should make shocking announcements more often...haha j/k j/k...but yes people!! we DO love the comments...even a simple 'thank you' will make our day!! =D

*sigh*....yes, you read the title right...unfortunately, life has caught up with us...school, work, personal/family issues, etc...we've been so busy with other things lately and we've tried our hardest to try to keep up with this blog because we know it's so hard to find some of this stuff around...but sadly, we have to put this site on hold for now...until things ligthen up and we don't get so busy anymore...and we know this might be quite sudden (and shocking) but we thought it'd be best to let you guys know than to just dissapear because of the busy-ness...hehe =P...but yea, we will not leave you empty handed...the content will still be here so you can still DL stuff...plus, we have one more gift you guys for being so awesome and supporting through all this time!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Gift behind the cut... =DCollapse )

aww, missed the 300,000 mark by 5...haha...tho i know it's probably more now =P...we almost have 4,000 members as well!! anyways, just want to reiterate how LOVELY you guys are...thank you all for your continuous support, fun comments, erratic spazzing, and so forth...keep us motivated and we'll keep on bringing the goods!! hehe =D

♥ SweetxMelodies ♥

if you wanna join in on the fun, create a LiveJournal account and then join the community!! have fun!! =D

ALSO, remember to SUPPORT the artists by buying their products if you can!! ^__^
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05 February 2009 @ 06:04 am
w00t w00t!! and the numbers just keep on growing!! hehe xD...as always, thank you guys soo very much for your continued support for our blog and all the love and comments and such!! ♥♥♥....we want more cause we're greedy!! LOL =P...but nah, thanks for being patient when things were a bit slow sometimes...we try our best!! we'll continue to do the best can!!

♥ SweetxMelodies ♥

if you wanna join in on the fun, create a LiveJournal account and then join the community!! have fun!! =D
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25 December 2008 @ 02:29 am


It's finally Christmas! This year went by so fast, lol. Just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas! Thank you to all who visit our blog often and thanks to those who continued visit our blog after our move from blogger/blogspot. We are very thankful to you guys. We will continue to do our best with this blog and keep it updated for you all. I know we haven't posted anything new in awhile, but don't worry, we will soon, very soon, hehe. Anyways, we haven't opened any of our gifts yet... we can't wait to open them though xD. We hope you have the best christmas ever this year and we hope that your gifts are what you wanted. Oh, do you like the little banner I made? lol... I just had to use it, Big Bang is love <3 hehe. It looks a little blurry, don't know why... lol. If you click on it, it will look clear. Well...

Merry Christmas from SweetxMelodies to YOU! ^_^
♥ Julie & Mel
If you haven't joined our community yet, please do so. We love new members! ^^
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09 December 2008 @ 03:44 am
AWESOMENESS!!! LOL =P...well, it's been just about 2 months since we made the switch over here to LiveJournal and we're sooo glad to see that it didn't effect you guys...this place really isn't that bad now is it?? hehe...it's quite fun yea?? =D...well, again, THANKS SO MUCH as always for joining our community and supporting our blog and for visiting and commenting and all that good stuff...hehe...we'll continue to do our best!! HOPE THAT EVERYONE HAS AN AWESOME HOLIDAY SEASON AS WELL!!! ^___^

♥ SweetxMelodies ♥

if you wanna join in on the fun, create a LiveJournal account and then join the community!! have fun!! =D
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01 January 2010 @ 08:12 pm
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16 October 2008 @ 02:27 am
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Hello all!! well, as some of you already know, our other (old) blog is in danger of becoming deleted because of copyright infringement...which we do not mean to do...we post these for promotion/sampling of the artists and you should always support your fave artists by purchasing their products if you can...=]...anyways, we received an e-mail from blogger and they already deleted one of our posts...someone mentioned that blogger gives out three warnings before actually deleting the WHOLE blog...so yea, so far we've only received one warning...but we decided to relocate so that we won't put the blog at risk of getting more warnings and end up getting deleted you know?? we've spent a lot of time building up SweetxMelodies and, like most of you, i would hate to see all our hard work go to waste... @_@...THANK YOU ALL for all your support, comments, opinions, etc. throughout the last year and esp. the past few days...we you all as well!! hehe ^__^

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