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welcome sweeties! ♥
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hey all!! how are you guys adjusting to our move to LJ?? it's quite nice here yea?? hehe...well yea, for those that didn't know, we were first at blogspot but had to move elsewhere for obvious reasons...our old blog is still up so you can read about the situation while it's still there...anyways, the past is past so time to move on to bigger and better places/things...hehe =P...well, anyways:

Welcome to SweetxMelodies! SweetxMelodies is a source for finding all different kinds of Asian Music. We will be posting the latest music videos, albums, and singles only! We hope you enjoy it here and if you're going to re-post any of our links elsewhere, PLEASE credit us and link back to our site as well!! this means that you also have to credit the people that we credit...for example, if we credit z-degrees then you MUST credit them as well...it's only fair right?? =D

Comments and Thank You's are also appreciated!!! let us know if any of the links are mixed up or broken as well!!! =D

also, some of you have trouble upzipping the files?? we use both WinZip and WinRar but we think that WinRar is better because it can unzip .zip and .rar files...and you can also include foreign characters in .rar files...i don't think you can with .zip?? but yea, below you can DL either WinZip or WinRar so that you can unzip the files...just install them into your computer...these are just trials i think but they shouldn't disappear or anything after the trial's up...it'll probably ask if you wanna purchase it...and you can if you want to...hehe...but yea, for WinZip just wait till the "Use Evaluation Version" button shows up and just close that pop up if you use WinRar... ^__^

- WinRar
- WinZip

And if you like what you hear/see then PLEASE support the artists and BUY their products if you can... =]

You can purchase their stuff from these fabulous online stores:

- YesAsia
- DVDHeaven
- CDJapan
- HMV Japan
- Amazon.co.jp

If there are any more sites that you guys use, please share!! ^__^

and PLEASE keep in mind:

- we are but mere students so we don't have ALL the time in the world...in other words, we kinda, sorta have a life outside of the internet world...LOL...believe it or not, but we don't like to be on the computer all day and night... =P

- we can't DL and UL everything that comes out...we try to but you know, it's quite impossible...and plus, out poor computer can't handle THAT much media...so yea, we're limited on comp space sometimes and have to clean it out every now and then... =\

- as for requests, if you didn't already read about it in the Intro, we're kinda holding off on those for now...we'll let you guys know for sure (like in an announcement post or something) if/when we'll take requests again...but in the meantime, no requests for now...so sorry guys!! @_@

Also, to view our Music Player, click HERE...the DL links for the playlist(s) are there as well... =D

and here are a few important posts to look at as well... =]

- Intro (our very first post and intro to the community...there's also a link there if you wanna join the comm =D)
- Affiliates (check out our awesome affiliates!! reply/comment there if you want to be one too!! =D)
- Questions (where you guys post any questions regarding this community ONLY...no personal questions please =D)